What We Offer: Our Services

At CRC, our educational, training, and mentoring programs are only some of the services we offer our members. We also provide them with a warm, welcoming, supportive environment focused on self-empowerment.

Maintaining the motivation, enthusiasm and energy necessary for a search is one of the largest hurdles job candidates face. Offering “the human touch” is an important part of CRC’s mission of empowering members to conduct an effective job search.

Optimize your job search and maximize your result!

Use CRC’s services and resources to obtain effective strategies to find new employment.


Job Search Advisor Sessions

One key, innovative factor in CRC’s job seeker’s success is the individualized, advisor consultations that allows members to receive one-on-one guidance and support throughout the job search process. Common job search issues are explored and recommendations are tailored to unique circumstances and needs of each individual.

Confidential, individualized, one-hour meetings are available on any phase of the job search throughout one’s job search. Topics covered include resumes, networking, interviewing, target companies, plan of action, compensation, etc. Appointment required.

Seminars and Programs

Professionals in their fields bring their expertise to CRC via workshops, programs and interactive sessions. They include a variety of topics related to job search, as well as programs addressing motivational, emotional, and financial issues. Some are open to the public for a small fee.

Interview Preparation

Private sessions with an advisor prepare candidates for interviews via personalized discussions on techniques and with mock interviews that may be digitally recorded and critiqued. Appointment required.

Networking Sessions

Outside professionals facilitate an animated exchange of information between participants. Expand your network, gather information on potential employers and assist others in their search. Open to the public at no charge. Bring resumes, business cards or handbills to distribute.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Individual consultation on MS Office applications. Appointment required.

Job Search Roundtables

Advisors facilitate these informal, small group sessions where members can bring their burning issues or questions and gain insight on effective job search tactics and strategies.

CRC Linkedin Group

Engage in dialog regarding job search, expand connections, gather information, and receive job postings.


Reference Materials

A wealth of employment directories, newspapers, literature, articles, how-to books and guides are available.

Online Employer Database
ReferenceUSA is a premium reference tool offering access to a proprietary database of 24 million U.S. businesses. This is an excellent resource for building a list of target companies or researching a specific organization.
Computer & Internet Access

WiFi access along with a five station computer lab and three workstations with laptop hook-ups and phones offer access to the internet and current MS Office applications, plus quick access to sites identified as most effective for job seekers

Office Space & Equipment

Work stations, consultation offices, and a conference room allow both independent work and group work to be done. Additional office equipment (telephones, printer, fax and copier) are available for shared use.

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