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Meet Valerie

Job candidates like Valerie can face a tricky question — Do I want to do something completely different, or do I want the same kind of work somewhere else? With almost two decades of experience as a social worker, Valerie thought she would like to steer her career in another direction, but she wasn’t sure which way to go. She enlisted help from Career Resource Center and with its team of advisors, Valerie discovered new possibilities. By first attending a CRC seminar about switching careers, she was able to weigh her options. “The seminar helped me decide if I wanted to change fields or if I wanted to stay in social work, but work at another type of agency,” she said.

To start, Valerie tackled mastering the current style and content of a cover letter.  Nine years had passed since she’d written one, but she quickly adapted to the newest requirements and features of the letter. “I found that you can’t just repeat what you have in your resume,” Valerie said about her cover letter. “It should list your accomplishments and show that you’ve done your homework about the company.”

Applying for jobs online was another tool in the CRC job search kit that Valerie used. She targeted specific companies that interested her and sent resumes online. “I learned that I needed to direct my resume to a specific person in a company,” she said. “I hadn’t done that before, and so it was very valuable for me to learn.”  Valerie’s search ended in success when she decided that social work still inspired her and accepted a position in her field as Geriatric Care Manager.

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