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Meet Mary

When asked to describe CRC and its advisors with three adjectives, Mary, a former member, said, “Supportive, experienced, and encouraging.”

Mary was in her forties and had always been a top performer, working for top-notch organizations in the market research and business development area. Recently there were job tensions and a suggestion from her doctor to work part-time due to medical reasons. She resigned her current position and began seeking new part-time opportunities.

After three months with little success, Mary came to CRC to get advice on career direction and her resume. She talked with several different advisors. All were professional and encouraging. She was given suggestions about networking and ultimately got her new position through contact with a business acquaintance from an earlier job. Her new company does contract work for large pharmaceutical firms. “It’s the best of both worlds,” says Mary. I work 2-3 days a week and have free time. I am treated just as professionally as a full-time person and given special leadership tasks.

CRC advisors helped Mary expand her current thinking on what types of positions to consider. She started her new position less than three months after her first visit to CRC.  If she were to tell a friend about CRC, Mary would say that CRC has “great advisors” and the valuable advice she got was obtained with just the affordable registration fee.

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