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Meet Marilyn

Marilyn thought she had found her own guidance counselor, specialized teachers, well-stocked library and cheerleading team when she walked through the doors of Career Resource Center.  After spending three years as a full-time mother, the former financial services consultant knew CRC wasn’t a university per se, but the number of services offered to candidates made it feel like one. “I could use the conference area and take advantage of all the research materials about companies,” she said. “It was like being at a very specialized library.”

When she met with her CRC advisor every other week, Marilyn learned to better position and market herself, created a captivating resume, tapped into internet resources, sent targeted networking letters and took advantage of the many other CRC job-seeking tools.  “My advisor introduced me to professional groups and encouraged me to use them for networking,” she said. “I was so impressed with the quality of the people at CRC.”

By following the advice she got about her resume and marketing pieces, Marilyn thinks that she was able to present herself in a much more effective way. “I’m a financial person and an accountant,” she said. “I have little marketing skills to promote myself, and so it was very useful to have someone who knew how to help me differentiate myself and stand out.”

The job transition process can be lonely and can make a candidate feel vulnerable, but Marilyn found a network of support at CRC. “The staff was so wonderful in helping me to stay motivated,” she said. “You’re not alone looking for a job because you’re there with other people. It’s the best of all worlds.”

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