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Meet Richard

Richard knew that his career transition would be tough. The sales and marketing manager found himself looking for a new position after his manufacturing company downsized. “People tell you that a career transition is probably the hardest job you’ll ever have,” Rich said. “There’s no doubt about it.” Fortunately, by using Career Resource Center, Rich found the services and support he needed during his quest for a new job.

After meeting with advisors, Rich drew on their expertise to focus on targeting his correspondence, boosting his presentation of skills and accomplishments, and making the most of networking opportunities. “The advisors that CRC has are top-notch,” Rich said.  “They know people in the industry. They’ll brainstorm with you, and the contact with them assisted me in directing my networking efforts.”

Other CRC programs and services also impressed Rich because of their value in penetrating the job market.

Finally, Rich found an open door and welcome mat at CRC. “The staff helps you focus on your strengths,” he said. “You need that because you can spend so much time focusing on the negative.” He said the atmosphere permeated with positive reinforcement.  “You’re able to explore who you are as a person and as a resource. You can see what you’ll have to offer in your next position.” Like so many success stories at CRC, Rich’s ended when he found his new position at a global manufacturer of construction industry capital equipment.

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