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Meet Jim

Jim, a 53 year old Buffalo Grove resident, had been a chief financial officer at one company for more than six years.  When he became unemployed due to a reorganization, he began searching the internet and came across Career Resource Center.

“I worked with a various advisors at CRC, which was good as each had a different point of view,” said Jim.  “Working with several people, they helped me with my resume and my search strategies” and made him realize “there are no absolutes. It is all trial and error. If something is not working, go with a different approach.”

CRC also offered him his first taste of networking and told him about other area groups with which he could network.  Working with CRC also introduced him to a variety of seminars, like how to effectively use LinkedIn.

He found the seminars “most beneficial for getting a variety of points of view.  [They covered] topics I would not have searching for on my own or would not necessarily thought about,” Jim added. “Even if they provided information that did not add to my search, they gave me tools to use when I began a new job.”

After a year-long job search, Jim now works as controller for a company that provides treatment for children and young adults.

His advice to job seekers is to “look at all avenues – not just networking, but also things like employment agencies, temp work and job boards.  Networking may show the best results but do not limit yourself to that.  Cast your net as wide as you can.  The narrower you go, the less opportunity you have. With a wider net, more opportunities become available to you.”

CRC “is an awesome value,” he added.  “What they offer is amazing for what it costs to participate for a year.  There is plenty of volunteer support staff to help and the advisors are great!”

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