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Meet Elise

“What I got from CRC, which I got nowhere else, was the ability to identify whether a job was for me. This is what CRC does for people—it helps them identify their target job and how to find it.” With these words, Elise, a former CRC member, touches on the essence of CRC: its unique, personalized approach to every candidates’s  job search.

Elise had developed a successful, 24-year career in corporate research management, but she found herself at a crossroads when her employer downsized and phased out her position. While Elise knew she wanted to remain in the same or a related field, she also knew she would need some help in finding her next job. An article about CRC in the Chicago Tribune caught Elise’s attention, and soon she became a CRC member.

“My 14 months at CRC were good and useful,” Elise said. “I tried almost every service and used many of the advisors’ knowledge and input to help me find the job I wanted.” To be sure, the help of the CRC advisors and Executive Director Jan Leahy, whom Elise calls “a constant, a source of unique stability,” paid off for her. She landed a new opportunity finding work for executives and draws on her experience in human resources and management in her new job. Highly satisfied with the outcome of her job search, Elise now appreciates that CRC’s unique services are bound to be more effective if a candidate is committed to the job search. “If you go to CRC and put energy and motivation into the job hunt, you will go farther than you could have on your own.” Elise herself is proof of that.

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