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Meet David

For those who have worked in the same company for many years, suddenly being thrust into the current job market can prove overwhelming.

David, a former securities trader, had been working for the same company for more than 25 years before his job disappeared.  Introduced to Career Resource Center by his wife, “I heard it was a quality organization,” he said, “and I wanted to make sure I was approaching the process correctly to reenter the job search market.  Finding CRC was an important piece of the puzzle.” During the six or seven months of his search, he said he found the “whole job search thing a wakeup call for me.”

David joined CRC early in his search process. “I was outdated in the way I presented myself, especially – for example – in my approach to a cover letter. They put me in the right direction and helped me define my messages in my resume and my selling points.”

During mentoring sessions, he met with counselors to review [my] strategies and processes. They offered a lot of moral support in terms of what they provided me and were incredibly non-judgmental, positive and inviting.  It was nice to have that outlet, to have someone rooting for you and trying to get you placed.”

The speakers “are worth the price of admission,” he said. For example, “There are always more answers out there than [one person] can [possibly] know. One speaker changed my whole perception of the LinkedIn tool. His talk helped me ramp up my skill sets with it. I used it a ton!”

He advises others to “find every way possible to create your brand, making it more versatile and fit more with the times. You need to be more flexible in how you label yourself.” Most of all David suggests job seekers “stay positive throughout the experience despite how difficult it may be. Be tenacious and stick to the discipline of what you are trying to do.”

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