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Meet Bruce

After five years as a Senior Development Engineer for a technology company, Bruce found himself in need of a new position due to downsizing at his workplace. Fortunately, Bruce was not without help for long; a personal recommendation soon led him to Career Resource Center.

“I heard about CRC through a friend of my wife’s who had successfully used CRC’s services several years ago to find a job she’s still at and still enjoys,” Bruce said. “At CRC I found a positive, reinforcing atmosphere that helps keep a job hunter’s energy up during the job hunt.”

With that energy, Bruce immersed himself in the environment at CRC, visiting the Center regularly and using all the available services from the advising sessions to the resource library to the computer lab.

“Through all these services and tools, CRC gave me much-needed emotional support, helped me improve my resume, taught me to plan my job hunt and prepared me to interview,” Bruce said.

All his hard work and perseverance paid off. After nine months as a dedicated CRC member, Bruce accepted a job with a technology company, utilizing the expertise he developed in graduate school and in his previous job.

After a successful job search, Bruce had only positive things to say about his time as a CRC member, “My experience with CRC was very good, and that’s why, should the need ever arise, I’d return to CRC right off the bat.”

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