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Meet Bonnie

As she orchestrates delivery of medical equipment to surgery centers around the country, Bonnie knows she enlisted the right partner to find her new job. That ideal partner, Career Resource Center, boosted her self confidence and gave her the tools to land a job.

Bonnie believes that learning how to market herself with the help of CRC advisors was invaluable. “It had been some time since I’d looked for a job, and I had to crawl out of my shell,” she said. “I went to a lot of seminars and classes at Career Resource Center. At the networking sessions, I was able to open myself up to opportunities that were right in front of me.”

One of the biggest eye-opening experiences for Bonnie was that many aspects of the job search now happen online. “If you don’t have certain skills listed on your resume and a company searches for key words regarding those skills, you won’t be chosen,” Bonnie said. “That was a really valuable lesson.”

“It’s not easy to put yourself in the job market,” Bonnie recalls, remembering her frustration. “People would say to me, ‘Why don’t you have a job yet?’” But at Career Resource Center, Bonnie found friendship and support. She now keeps CRC business cards on hand. When friends or acquaintances are looking for a new career, Bonnie passes along those cards and says, “You need to go talk to the people at Career Resource Center.”  Through CRC, Bonnie steered herself in the right direction on her career transition path and found the job that’s the perfect fit.

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