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Meet Alan

Alan, a quality control engineer, didn’t know exactly the direction to take in his job search after he was laid off; but, after contacting Career Resource Center, he found such valuable advice that it became the pivotal turn on the road to finding his new position. When he first began interviewing, Alan had presented his accomplishments in a traditional format. After consulting with CRC advisors, he discovered a new approach and created a value proposition of what he could offer potential employers.

By citing examples of dollar savings and improved production he had generated during his career, Alan showed companies how he could add specific value. “I saw a turning point in the search after I had that support,” Alan said. “It was a better way of demonstrating what I could do for a company, and the CRC counselor said many engineers don’t do that.”

At one point in the interview process when Alan was frustrated, he met again with his CRC advisor. “The advisor was very willing to listen,” Alan said. His appointment was scheduled for an hour, but the advisor talked to Alan for two hours. “We agreed that my strategy was good, but what I needed was persistence,” Alan said.

His persistence paid off when he landed his current position as a quality engineer at a consumer products company. He believes the support he got at Career Resource Center made his success possible. “CRC is a place where they make you feel welcome,” Alan continued. “They are supportive, not only as listeners, but they also give very good advice.”

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