Make An Impact: Make A Referral

Do you know someone who would benefit from the services of CRC?

CRC fills a void for those who do not receive or have exhausted their employer sponsored services.

Professionals in every discipline and industry are continually asked to assist individuals seeking employment. It may be a co-worker or neighbor’s relative, supervisor’s son or daughter, or a personal friend. After providing a first consult, consider referring them to CRC’s team for comprehensive services they can access throughout their job search.

Members, alumni, and their families join professionals in referring job seekers to CRC for services. 80% of our members come to us through a personal or professional referral.

To ensure that unemployed professionals learn about the availability of CRC services, the Center maintains informal but enormously effective relationships with referral agencies. They include the Illinois WorkNet Centers, townships, chambers of commerce, libraries, outplacement firms, religious organizations, volunteer bureaus, social service agencies, and networking groups.

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