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June 10, 2010


Editor’s note: There’s so much going on in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and Knollwood! To help readers keep track of events, meetings, parties and other functions, GazeboNews has started a do-it-yourself community calendar. All of the events mentioned in this story have been posted on the calendar, as well as dozens of other things to do, see and enjoy, by the community members who are planning the activities. Please check out the calendar and use it to help GN keep the community informed!–Adrienne

By Jeanne Lane of the Career Resource Center

In the current economic climate, there are few of us who do not know someone who is looking for a job these days. Across the country, in April 2010 the median jobless worker had been looking for work for 21.6 weeks, which is even longer than the worst state’s wait last year. Have you ever wished you could offer authentic expertise to friends, grads and family members who may come to you asking for resume or interview tips, referrals and introductions? Fact is – you can.

Direct them to Career Resource Center, located at Grove Cultural Campus in Lake Forest, which is uniquely set up and designed to empower job seekers. CRC has already aided over 10,500 individuals over its 20-year history. Affordable fees ($100 for a full year of services) are possible because this not-for-profit 501©3 organization is supported by donations and manned by volunteers who themselves possess industry-proven credentials. The fee gains clients access to private advisory sessions, individualized attention that helps in preparing a focused search using proven, relevant strategies for today’s employment market.

The Center offers a monthly line-up of networking sessions for its clients. For example, in June clients can avail themselves of sessions including:

INTRO TO LINKEDIN – CRC Clients Only; Registration Required Tuesday, June 15 at 7 p.m. David O’Brien, CRC Advisor and Infogix Inc., HR Leader will review the characteristics of well crafted Linkedin Profiles and highlight how to use Linkedin effectively.

INTERMEDIATE EXCEL – CRC Clients Only; Registration Required $10 fee Tuesday, June 22, 4:30-6:30 pm Sherri Peterson, Sponsored by OASIS and AT&T Partnership in Technology

NETWORKING — Making Connections/Gathering Information Tuesday, June 22, 7p.m. Marc Silver, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP Engage others in furthering their search. Bring your resumes, and business cards.

“WINNING TECHNIQUES THAT MAKE YOU SHINE” Thursday, June 24, 1:30p.m. Oscar Adler, Author of “Sell Yourself in Any Interview” Behind every question, an interviewer is really thinking, “What will you do for me?” Oscar will help you understand how to translate your personal features into direct benefits that meet the specific needs of the interviewer.

“A TRANSITION GUIDE FROM ZEN TO WOW” Monday, June 28, 10:15 am Rob Engelman, President of Engelman Management Group If Zen is familiarity and Wow is opportunity, where do you fit on the Zen to Wow Continuum? Join Rob as he shares funny, witty and thought-provoking ideas you can use to significantly improve your job transition activities. This is a “can’t miss” opportunity for attendees needing to recharge their marketing batteries.

Recently, one of CRC’s advisors, Mike Kramer, described a client who had visited CRC just once before learning he was scheduled for the “interview of a lifetime.” Kramer described his approach to the emergency situation this way: “He set up an appointment with me and we took a corner room to review 50 questions and possible answers. After going over the questions, he felt trained and confident. The result: the client impressed the employer and nailed it.”

So next time someone asks you for job search help because they have become frustrated with a search that stretches into multiple weeks or months, you can confidently point them to CRC’s comprehensive re-employment services. There they will find the skills and focus that has proven to help candidates optimize their search efforts and maximize their results. CRC advisors are a team of professionals who energize and empower job seekers by offering education, training, networking and mentoring. Some strategies in their toolbox include creating compelling resumes, improving interviewing savvy with video training, gaining clarity on individual strengths/skills, increasing client’s computer competency and obtaining marketplace information that is both current and useable.

For more information on becoming a client, volunteer or sponsor, visit, e-mail: or call 847-295•5626. Visit Career Resource Center on the Grove Cultural Campus, 40 East Old Mill Road, Suite 105, Lake Forest, IL 60045. You will experience a warm welcome and competent assistance for your job search.

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