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May 24, 2010



Leveraging the 37-years of business management with General Motors to help job seekers to become re-employed is a passion for Glenview resident Mike Kramer. Kramer is currently a very active volunteer advisor for Career Resource Center (CRC). He utilizes his GM Experience of managing people, product and programs to provide one-on-one and group support. Through CRC Kramer and 115 high-caliber volunteers, many with executive level experience, provide the architecture for candidates to articulate their value to prospective employers.

“Mike is a real advocate for our clients and extraordinarily helpful in their success,” reports Jan Cline Leahy, executive director of CRC. “He volunteers here over 20 hours each month and is one of the reasons we have been able to support over 10,500 individuals since 1990.”
Career Resource Center was founded as a religious outreach mission and evolved into a comprehensive, career re-employment program with an innovative model of using volunteers with professional experience in key areas of management including human resources, marketing, consulting and technology.

Clients pay an affordable annual fee ($100) and have access to private advisory sessions throughout their searches. This individualized attention helps clients prepare a focused search using proven, relevant strategies for today’s employment market.

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Success rates are high, up to 80% for clients in 2009. CRC doesn’t just focus on what the individual did in the past but seeks to support a better understanding of their skills and enhance their ability to articulate how they can contribute to an employer. “Some careers phase out and clients must realize that they can’t just find a new place to do what they did before,” explains Leahy. “Our volunteers are professionals who assist in the adjustment of resumes and skills to focus on jobs that are available.”

The re-assessment builds greater awareness of the individual’s strengths, opens up new opportunities, and increases confidence.
Nine-year CRC volunteer, Melissa Jensen of Libertyville presents a program on resumes each month and advises clients individually. Formerly Director of Employment Development with Grainger, Jensen started her own residential rehab business in 2001. “Rather than just updating a resume, we re-assess and re-prioritize information to address the potential position,” says Melissa. “We match the resume to the job as it is a marketing tool and not just a chronological summary of their career.”

Most clients benefit from several one-on-one sessions, classes and networking before finding their ideal job. In some cases, emergency situations occur. Mike Kramer described a client who had visited CRC just once before to learning he had an “interview of a lifetime”. Kramer

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