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Thursday, March 21 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Presented by: Dr. Don Dempsey, retired Presbyterian Minister and former Outplacement Counselor

In times of transition and new beginnings, instead of thinking about job search as something difficult to endure, Dr. Dempsey will challenge you to think of this period in your life as an ideal time to re-examine your skills, strengths, and interests believing that there is a sacred purpose that is seeking to find you.

Dr. Dempsey believes and has experienced in his own personal times of transition, loss, and new beginnings, that job search ultimately comes down to faith and trust.  A faith and trust in a power greater than oneself, that some call God, the Tao, the Spirit, the “ground of all being.”  Don believes it is important to recognize and place one’s faith and trust in a spiritual power beyond our comprehension, beyond the material and the physical and that the Spirit plays an important role in guiding and leading us through the ups and downs of life.

The ultimate question I’ve always ended up asking myself and those others I worked with is: “What is your calling?”  Not what others want or think you should do or be, but your own individual calling.  “What is your sacred purpose in life?”

We all have been given certain gifts and strengths, sometimes referred to as our “God given” gifts; we have natural interests, and along the way we have acquired numerous skills, which translate into a variety of experiences and accomplishments. In this workshop, Dr. Dempsey, will challenge each participant to consider, “What is it that you are being called to do in this next chapter of your life?”

Dr. Don Dempsey recently completed his seventh interim ministry assignment.  Don’s unique background and varied experience has prepared him to be of counsel and assistance to people in a time of change and transition. His background includes:

Graduated from McCormick Theological Seminary (1969) and then served for ten years in the pastoral ministry.  During that period of time he earned his Doctor of Ministry Degree in Pastoral Care from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (1977).

In 1979 Don successfully changed careers.  For the next five years he worked in the corporate world at a major bank in Chicago.  After four years at the bank, he was appointed a Personnel Banking Officer.  Due to bad business decisions a major downsizing took place and he was “outplaced.”

After completing his outplacement program at Right Associates, he was hired by Right Associates as a Vice President.  For 13 years he worked as an outplacement counselor providing individual and group counseling to a wide variety of corporate companies throughout the country.

In 2002, Don reconnected with the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) and for the next 14 years served as an interim minister.  During that period of time he served as an interim pastor at seven different churches ranging in size from 300 to 3,000 members.

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  • Job Search Coaching Sessions: Private, confidential sessions on identifying and articulating strengths, determining focus, search strategies and tactics; plus coaching throughout your search.
  • Interview Preparation: Private sessions prepare candidates for interviews via discussion on techniques/strategies and with mock interviews that may be digitally recorded and critiqued.
  • Job Search Roundtables: Informal small group strategy and tactic sessions facilitated by CRC advisor.
  • LinkedIn Tutoring:Individual, one hour consultations on how to take advantage of this professional network.
  • Educational & Training Programs: Professionals share their expertise with the goal of helping individuals enhance their professional toolkit and gain the knowledge and skills critical for conducting a successful job campaign.
  • Networking Sessions: Outside professionals facilitate an animated exchange of information between participants.  Open to the public at no charge.  Bring resumes, business cards and handbills.
  • Online Job & Research Specialist: Individual assistance on identifying effective job search websites, researching businesses, finding job opportunities, completing online applications, and more.


  • Office Away From Home:  Wi-Fi along with 5 computer workstations, 3 desks with laptop hook-ups, phones, printer, copier, and paper.
  • Reference Library: Employment directories, guides, newspapers, etc.
  • Online Employer Database: ReferenceUSAtm a premier       reference tool offering access to a proprietary database of 24 million U.S. businesses.
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