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Thursday, March 7 10:15 am - 11:45 am

Presented by:  Gail Spiel, Support Group Leader, MSW University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration

“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” Clear goals and good habits are essential for the outcomes we want in life. Goals provide direction, while habits provide a systematic approach, or a road map, to navigate along the way. One cannot exist without the other. This peer group workshop will explore the habits we need to sustain to achieve our goals. The mental discipline that comes with habit formation will have more of an impact on successfully landing a job than any other quality or skill you can develop. Learn how to develop the habit of setting clear objectives, prioritizing tasks, and completing these tasks as you accomplish your goal of getting a job.

Gail did her undergraduate work at Occidental College, and she earned her masters degree in social work at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.  Over the years, she has led parenting and addiction groups.  She is excited to impart her social work knowledge and experience by offering workshops and facilitating discussions on a myriad of topics that can help job seekers.

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Career Resource Center, Inc.® is the proven confidence-building, employment resource featuring individualized attention, education, training and coaching by industry professionals.Results-focused, CRC has assisted more than 12,000 job candidates during its 26 year history, with a success rate averaging 80%. Our strength is in energizing and empowering job seekers and helping candidates navigate the process with relevant, proven job search strategies.  Our professionals focus on helping job candidates optimize their search efforts and maximize their results. Modest fees are possible as this 501(c)(3) nonprofit is supported by donors and volunteers.


  • Job Search Coaching Sessions: Private, confidential sessions on identifying and articulating strengths, determining focus, search strategies and tactics; plus coaching throughout your search.
  • Interview Preparation: Private sessions prepare candidates for interviews via discussion on techniques/strategies and with mock interviews that may be digitally recorded and critiqued.
  • Job Search Roundtables: Informal small group strategy and tactic sessions facilitated by CRC advisor.
  • LinkedIn Tutoring:Individual, one hour consultations on how to take advantage of this professional network.
  • Educational & Training Programs: Professionals share their expertise with the goal of helping individuals enhance their professional toolkit and gain the knowledge and skills critical for conducting a successful job campaign.
  • Networking Sessions: Outside professionals facilitate an animated exchange of information between participants.  Open to the public at no charge.  Bring resumes, business cards and handbills.
  • Online Job & Research Specialist: Individual assistance on identifying effective job search websites, researching businesses, finding job opportunities, completing online applications, and more.


  • Office Away From Home:  Wi-Fi along with 5 computer workstations, 3 desks with laptop hook-ups, phones, printer, copier, and paper.
  • Reference Library: Employment directories, guides, newspapers, etc.
  • Online Employer Database: ReferenceUSAtm a premier       reference tool offering access to a proprietary database of 24 million U.S. businesses.
  • CRC LinkedIn Group:Engage in dialog regarding job search, expand connections, gather information, and receive job postings.

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CRC is located in a residential neighborhood on the Grove Cultural Campus in southwest Lake Forest
40 E. Old Mill Rd
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