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Governed by a Board of Directors which works in conjunction with committees to achieve funding, outreach and program goals, the CRC team is comprised of a few employees augmented with a large volunteer network.

Board Members

Passionate, concerned leaders seek to impact the community through participation on the CRC Board of Directors. Executives, professionals, and community leaders from an array of industries and disciplines align themselves with our mission, contributing their time, talent, creativity and treasures. Meeting 11 times annually, the CRC Board governs and guides with energy.
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CRC recruits top notch, highly-experienced executives, and professionals who are committed to helping those in job transition. Many have served in significant management positions with Fortune 500 companies, mid- and small-sized companies, career management organizations, and executive search firms. All of the advisors have significant experience in hiring, training, and mentoring a diverse workforce as well as working with candidates of all ages, gender, nationalities, and ethnicities. Their individualized approach greatly contributes to the successful employment of CRC members.
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Volunteer Operational Support

Support Staff

Bobbi Brenner

Joan Cameron

Kirsten Caspersen

Laura Cunningham

Janice Dastur

Margaret Dastur

Meinhard Gerdes

Linda Gittel

Jerry Hansberger

Li Hwan Hwang

Jim Johnstone

Cheryl Levi

Doug Pitchford

Donna Ricketts

Gail Spiel



Pam Leach

Information Technology

Greg DeGreef

Jordan Kanter

Lauren Szwiec

Specialists and Tutors

ANmar Amdeen

Mike Hill

Helen Ho

Barb Mockus

Bob Schafer

Dave Valancius


Pro Bono Presenters

Professionals from many specialties in support of career development present and facilitate group programs for CRC. Topics related to job search techniques, as well as programs featuring motivational, emotional and financial issues are offered. CRC is grateful for the pro bono services which enhance our program significantly.


Kristina Phillips, Executive Director

Kristina Phillips was appointed as the Executive Director of Career Resource Center in Lake Forest, Illinois in June 2017. She holds a BA, MPA, and is currently completing a PhD in Business Organization and Management. Her professional experience spans public policy, workforce training and development, program design and implementation, donor management, event management, and grant writing. Kristina has been an active team builder, development expert, and leader with several area nonprofit organizations. She works closely with CRC’s board, staff, and volunteers to seek and cultivate relationships with strategic partners, individual donors, private foundations, philanthropic entities, government organizations, and community agencies.

Utilizing her business and social service acumen, Kristina is able to guide CRC toward a more encompassing view of the job seeker. Through her directorship, she hopes to incorporate a broader range of clientele, from more diverse populations who would greatly benefit from the center’s services. CRC plans to deepen and strengthen community bonds as well, by partnering with several neighboring townships and local businesses. By setting up referral processes through current local social service providers, CRC will have more direct exposure to a broader range of job seekers who need assistance.

Kristina is also expanding CRC programming in order to achieve a holistic and comprehensive approach to the job search. Career Resource Center has been building relationships with clients for years, through friendly welcoming staff and service, along with direct client and advisor interactions. Through Kristina’s leadership, CRC will strive to “employ” these relationships to further assist clients with issues that may be outside of their immediate job search, but are still affecting their ability to seek meaningful work. By better understanding the problems that are plaguing our job seekers, CRC can learn each individual’s unique set of circumstances and maximize their potential for success, in both their job search, and in their lives.

Kelly Clark Director of Programs
Linda Bucher Development Coordinator


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