About Us: Mission

Help Change Lives and Strengthen Communities with Confidence-Building, Results-Focused Employment Resources

CRC is your job search partner!

Career Resource Center is the proven confidence-building, employment resource featuring individualized attention, education, training and coaching by industry professionals.

Results-focused, CRC has assisted more than 12,000 job candidates over its 26 year history.


  • Success rate averages 80%,
  • 59% are more satisfied with their new position than the previous one,
  • Over 75% said CRC had a positive impact in their job search, and
  • 65% continue to apply the knowledge/skills acquired at CRC.

We at CRC know first hand, how difficult, challenging, and frustrating it is to secure new employment.  Our strength is in energizing and empowering job seekers and helping candidates navigate the process with relevant, proven job search strategies.

Our professionals focus on helping candidates optimize their
search efforts and maximize their results.

CRC members have the opportunity via private consultation and educational programs to:

  • Create compelling resumes
  • Improve interviewing performance
  • Boost confidence and motivation
  • Build value propositions
  • Identify individual strengths and skills
  • Discover career direction and focus
  • Establish effective job search strategies
  • Expand connections
  • Obtain current marketplace intelligence
  • Increase technical competencies

Through programming and consultations, members will identify their strengths, build value statements, explore career options, and develop a focused approach and plan of action. By understanding and articulating their specialized set of skills, strengths and talents, candidates can more successfully market themselves, maximizing their opportunity of finding satisfying employment.


Career Resource Center will be known for enhancing the process of
securing new employment through relevant, results-focused services.

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