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Staffed with one full-time, two part-time, and one interim staff, CRC leverages a huge workforce of volunteers – over 100 in all! Reliance on these talented professionals who choose to “give back” by providing services or handling operations allows CRC to offer comprehensive relevant high-quality services.

Donors who believe in our mission and share the vision of developing self-reliant, employed citizens are as diverse and unique as our clientele. Their tax deductible investment in Career Resource Center helps change lives and stimulates the economy. CRC is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization.

Membership fees are therefore affordable and supported through donations of funds and volunteer service hours.


Donor base diversity is a testament to how effectively CRC addresses the critical needs of the unemployed. CRC funding depends upon individuals and organizations that can grasp the “big picture” and provide the unrestricted support necessary to pay a small staff and cover basic occupancy expenses.

Financial support for CRC is from foundations, corporations, religious organizations, community services groups, and townships, as well as benefactors, volunteers, board members, and alumni.

Your donation of dollars or in-kind will change lives, communities, and improve the economy. Consider contributing today!


All CRC accomplishes is done with an annual budget of $260,000.

Each year’s expenses are funded through the same year’s incoming contributions. In simple terms, CRC is similar to a “pay as you go” organization. Career Resource Center’s greatest financial challenge and thus vulnerability is raising sufficient revenue for both current services and operations and to expand and modify services to meet the needs of a constantly changing marketplace, candidate base, and technological advances.


More than 45 organizations make a financial contribution to CRC’s success each year. Individuals providing financial support exceed 200 and over 700 organizations are part of our referral network.

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Partners in our referral network include:

Career Resource Center maintains informal, but enormously effective, relationships with many referral agencies in the communities we serve. Referral sources include the Illinois workNet Centers, townships, chambers of commerce, libraries, outplacement firms, religious organizations, family service agencies, volunteer bureaus, social service agencies, networking groups and more.

Referring members to partner agencies is also an integral part of CRC member services, often assisting individuals in locating the appropriate organization for assessment testing, computer training, emotional support, financial assistance, emergency assistance, and other needs.

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