About Us: History

Unique to Career Resource Center is its 26-year commitment to serve individuals struggling to secure new employment through the engagement of highly-qualified volunteers from the community.

Founded in 1990 as a religious outreach mission to address the needs of local individuals impacted by the “white collar” recession, CRC modifies and expands services to respond to the ever-changing economy and needs of job candidates.  Embracing best practices and new technology without diminishing the “personal touch” has resulted in a history of successful and satisfied members.

An 80% referral rate from individuals and professionals is a testament to the veracity and value of CRC re-employment services.  In addition, several organizations have structured their program to replicate the CRC model, providing strong evidence of success.

Initially CRC was open three days a week for four hours a day and served only a few clients.  Last year, over 814 job candidates from over 70 communities throughout metro Chicago and southern Wisconsin participated in CRC programs.


92% of alumni say they would
recommend CRC to others.

2002 ribbon cutting for CRC's new facility2002 ribbon cutting for CRC’s new facility
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