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Letters, calls, emails and personal visits from satisfied members present solid evidence that CRC works!  Since 1990, the ultimate focus of CRC has been helping unemployed and underemployed individuals to return to the workforce.  Our team is proud to report a high success rate averaging 80% of members finding new employment.  Adding to that success is the feedback that over 59% are more satisfied with their new position than they were in their previous job.

The CRC team receives positive feedback from members throughout the search process.

This gratitude and appreciation continues to drive our passion for helping job seekers achieve their goals.

Meet Valerie

Job candidates like Valerie can face a tricky question — Do I want to do something completely different, or do I want the same kind of work somewhere else? With almost two decades of experience as a social worker, Valerie …

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Meet Mary

When asked to describe CRC and its advisors with three adjectives, Mary, a former member, said, “Supportive, experienced, and encouraging.” Mary was in her forties and had always been a top performer, working for top-notch organizations in the market research …

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Meet David

For those who have worked in the same company for many years, suddenly being thrust into the current job market can prove overwhelming.

David, a former securities trader, had been working for the same company for more than 25 years…

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Meet Sharon

Sharon was looking for a part-time job that would allow her to utilize her excellent writing skills and decades of experience. Her employer had let her go in order to hire a full-time employee, but Sharon was not ready to …

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